How it all began.
Our story

beets&roots was founded in Berlin in 2016 by a Michelin star chef and a business savvy entrepreneur. The inspiration? The lack of freshly prepared, healthy lunch options in Germany. The motivation? To become the number one destination for delicious, seasonal and healthy food.

Born in Berlin, beets&roots embodies the open-minded global mindset of its hometown. beets&roots is German but with an international flair - from its culturally-diverse team to the globally-inspired menu.

Bowl for Change
Together with an interesting partner, we regularly develop the "Bowl for Change" and thus support a non-profit organization. The goal is to draw attention to a charitable cause that is close to our hearts as an organization and shares our values. Our partners help us design an exciting bowl and promote it to a wide audience. For every bowl sold, we donate 1€ to the respective partner organization. In the past, we have developed a "Bowl for Change" with Arne Friedrich and his foundation The Win, as well as with Hyrox athlete Imke Salander and the Kaneza Foundation, among others.
FoodWe work very closely with our suppliers to have full transparency on our value chain. We do not use any artificial additives in our food. We also do not offer any industrially processed ingredients. As a product focused company, we always try to source the best available products.
DeliveryWe deliver 95% of our orders wit bikes and e-bikes. Only large corporate orders will be delivered by cars. We are currently testing e-transportation bikes to further decrease our carbon footprint.
PackagingAll of our packaging comes from a sustainable supplier and is bio-degradeble. We have also introduced our re-usable bowls, which are an even more sustainable option to packaging.